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How To Reduce and Elimnate Joint Pain From Your Body

Deflame Your Body Naturally Without Drugs or Surgery Clearwater, FL--"In the overwhelming majority of cases, we have been able to eliminate joint pain at any age, withoutdrugs or surgery", exclaims Dr. Drew Kycynka, of Coastal Chiropractic Tampa Bay, LLC.  If you understand the cause and mechanism of inflammation and pain, you will be much better equipped at reducing it and eliminating it from your life.  "Inflammatory chemicals are released into the body trigger pain receptors, which send pain signals to the brain.  This is the primary cause of joint pain in the majority of people that I have seen over the past 26 years", says Dr. Drew.  The American Diet is loaded with inflammatory foods which can release over a thousand different inflammatory chemicals into the body.  These inflammatory chemicals primarily cause inflammation in the intestines and joint tissues. "Every day, a patient will ask me what is the best anti-inflammatory to take.  While Alev

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