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The Number One Choice For Back Pain

Chiropractic Proven Most Effective For Back Pain Clearwater, FL--Chiropractic care is the most effective treatment for low back pain, according to several medical studies performed in recent years.  When compared to massage, accupuncture, over-the-counter meds and physical therapy, chiropractic care is the fastest, the most affordable and the most satisfying of any other treatment.

Auto accident studies show a 93% improvement rate.  Workers compensation studies show chiropractic patients lose less work days, get back on the job sooner and the cost is much less than other treatments.  Other studies with patients having herniated discs show improvement without the need for surgery, while other studies show that patients improve even after failed back surgery.
Chiropractic is proven safe and effective for back pain and the American Medical Association recommends chiropractic treatment for acute low back pain, within 90 days.
Dr. Drew Kycynka, Chiropractic Physician, says "People re…

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