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Your Computer May Be The Cause Of Your Back and Neck Pain

Computer Posture And Your Back & Neck Pain Modern day technology with desk top PC's, laptops, tablets and smart phones is a major cause of headaches, neck and back pain, in pandemic proportions.  Use of all of these devices causes forward head posture, forward bending of the head and neck and forward bending of the low back.  "When you tip your head forward just one inch, you double the weight of your head, which may make your head as heavy as 30 pounds", says Dr. Drew Kycynka, a posture correction specialist.  The problem with this is that, your neck muscles are not designed to support this kind of weight for long periods of time.  Therefore, this leads to neck pain, headaches, muscle spasms, pinched nerves or spinal disc injury.  This same posture can also cause low back pain, low back spasms, sciatic leg pain and/or herniated spinal discs.
Dr. Drew says, "we're seeing a lot more problems asssociated with poor work station ergonomics.  Having your work st…

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